Tangible Magik

Reclaim the Magik!

Welcome, I hope you enjoy the adventure
we’re going to take together

What if you could go on an enchanted quest to rescue the Magik within you… do you have 
the courage to dive into the velvety pool of imagination; to travel through the enchanted 
forest and journey all the way to your heart.

Eddie’s not like other boys… when he travels to Andalustria with best friend Melody they 
encounter mysterious creatures and mystical guides on an enchanted voyage that changes 
their lives and their friendship forever.

Reclaiming the Magicis something every adult and child desires at some point in their life. 
Join Eddie on this magikal adventure… let the fairy ferrets run up and down your spine as 
you journey with the Squiggins, Wizards, Ogres and Devas to release the magik within you.

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“This inspirational book is a must read for all ages
It’s a book about being human..  offering tools to create a strong sense of fulfilment and purpose.
I can confidently recommend this book for teachers and I want all young people to read it”

“There is no other book that is as direct and confident in its messages.”

Barbara Cavanagh, Principal