We all deal with fears, stress and anxiety at times as we expand and grow. When we move into a new year, a new school, or if we take on a new role or job, and even when we develop new friendships as much as it can be exciting, it can also be scary at times.

Growth spurts are a natural part of life and make us aware that things are changing in our life. Even if we know deep down that things will be better because of those changes. It’s not unusual to experience speed wobbles as we go through those changes.

Eddie Motion and Melody Mind experience a lot of changes on their adventures in Andalustria and certainly hit a few speed wobbles. So they got together to share some ‘Tangible Magik’ from the things they learned on their journey that may also help you.

One of the first things Eddie realised was you need to be aware of how you feel as changes occur. Then you’re more able to respond positively to the experience, instead of reacting like a frightened rabbit, or an angry ogre having a temper tantrum. He discovered that when feel fearful or anxious during a growth spurt, it’s often because we feel as if something is missing, or has been taken away. And the thing that’s missing during those times is usually a feeling or sense of safety and certainty.

Eddie and Melody created the ‘Managing Growth Spurts Tangible Magik’ formula for you. So now you can centre and calm yourself quickly to create greater stability during the growth spurts that occur in your life. Follow this simple formula and notice how much more you start to enjoy the new opportunities life presents you.

Break it Down

When facing new challenges that bring up fear, overwhelm or stress. The first thing to do is break things down into a series of small steps you need to take.

One Step at a Time

Don’t try and rush through everything all at once Take your time and complete each small step. You’ll feel calmer and your confidence will grow as you achieve each step one at a time. Then even the most difficult growth spurts are more manageable and you increase your chances of success.


At times we can experience fearful thoughts that can be hard to manage. Visualize or imagine a Red STOP sign to interrupt the negative thought. Take a breath and replace the thought with a positive saying that makes you feel good. EG: ‘I am always given the courage and support to move through difficult situations and succeed’. too..

Get the Facts

When you encounter unsettling challenges it’s valuable to remember to get all the information. Gathering facts stops you scaring ourselves with exaggerated and fearful assumptions that may not be true. Check out what is real and what is not by asking yourself – ‘Is this real?’ Ask yourself, ‘What is the worst that could happen?’ Then ask yourself ‘What support could I get to help me with this?


You always have a choice to dwell on negative things Or choose to focus on the positive things around you. It can be very helpful if you feel fearful or anxious to name at least 3 x things you feel grateful for in your life. This shifts your focus and uplifts you whatever you’re going through.

Take Action.

Taking action gets you moving rather than going round and round in your head. This empowers you to move through fears and anxieties that pop up one step at a time. Ask yourself – ‘What small action can I take right now that will make me feel in charge?’ Then take that action as soon as you can.

We all face fears at times in our lives especially when trying new things, it’s perfectly normal.

Eddie and Melody know from their own magical adventures that overcoming fear and anxieties is not always easy, so it might take a bit of work and persistence. But now you have the ‘Tangible Magik’ formulas and insights to help you face, move through and overcome these fears. So you can build trust and self- confidence in your own abilities to manage your own growth spurts more easily.

So, now you can look at fear as a positive opportunity to grow and expand…. As these growth spurts are moving you towards a stronger belief in yourself, how good is that?

Now is your time to Reclaim the Magik!

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