Melody Mind found people very interesting and always wanted to know more about what made people tick. She thought it was important to study what made people happy and what blocked people from experiencing happiness. Eddie enjoyed collaborating with Melody as with his deep understanding of people and his intuition and Melody’s clever brain amazing things happened when they worked as a team and happiness was something he knew a lot about.

These are some things they discovered… one of the biggest things that sabotages and blocks our ability to feel happy is what Eddie calls the ‘When Syndrome’.

After studying, observing and listening to many people Melody and Eddie realised that people often seem to tell themselves they would be successful and happy – When!

When they had more money, when they get a new friend, when they get a new toy (in whatever form that took), when they moved to new school, role or job, when they lived in a larger house, or they get a new phone, computer or when they got the latest gadget… the list went on and on!

They noticed that people promised themselves they would feel successful and happy when they had some time off, when they finish a project, when they went on holiday etc. But what Eddie and Melody found was out was… if you wait for ‘when … you miss out on something very valuable that could quickly and quite magically improve your life – it’s called ‘Now’

When you fail to notice the good things that are happening now, then success always feels just out of reach, and you wish your life away in the process.

Eddie realised it was easy to miss out on all the good things in life by not recognising where you’re already successful, and where you could choose to be happy and satisfied right here and now.

Melody discovered that noticing how well you’re doing and valuing and feeling grateful for what you have achieved already, creates a Tangible Magik moment – you take a step off the rollercoaster ride of lack. You release the need to struggle – you feel safe, you feel peaceful, you feel content and happy as you slow down to resonate with your true nature.

Now you may think that slowing things down could be counter- productive to getting ahead in life. But the opposite it true! As you focus on the here and now, reconnecting with yourself, to realise how fortunate you are (even if you’ve worked hard to achieve those things), then you get off the treadmill of unconsciousness. Of continually striving but always feeling whatever you do or obtain is ‘not enough’.

Then you can make right now and all you have really count.

If you want to reclaim the magik in your life it’s important to create a stable platform of abundance and success in your now. So you can utilise all that ‘Success Energy’ to use as a stepping stone towards greater happiness, and truly thrive in your life.

Melody and Eddie want to help you release the when’s in your life, so you can live fully in ‘Now’. Then you can recognise what you’re achieving and what you have to feel grateful and happy about right now in the present. Imagine how powerful all that positive energy would be in your life – right NOW!

Give yourself the Gift of NOW

– List all the reasons you could allow yourself to feel successful and happy in your life ‘right now’ eg. the people in your life, things you have, a roof over your head, food to eat in the cupboard, you are healthy, you live in a beautiful country etc.

Now is your time to Reclaim the Magik!

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Let’s all Overcome the ‘When’ Syndrome’
– Write a comment below… What can you do to reclaim the magik in your life ‘Now’?