Yes! Your Meditation tools are on the way…first, we wanted to share with you an incredible gift for your children. Eddie Motion and the Tangible Magik.

This powerful children’s book combines real life skills in a fun adventure that kids can put into practice for themselves.

We know that you are an action taker that wants your kids to have the best life possible. With this book you can introduce them to a world of wonder, mystery and magik.

Get your copy today for your kids or as the perfect gift for a child in your life.

My Book

My first magical fantasy book is written and published, so exciting!

It feels amazing to put that in writing, to say it out loud.  For so long I wanted to share this magical world with you, and now we can open this enchanted door together. My dream has come true!

Eddie Motion and the Tangible Magik is an adventure into a magical world where nothing is as is seems. This book is about awareness, friendship, courage and re-discovering your own magik as you enjoy this bewitching, entrancing journey…

Eddie Motion is not like other boys, he knows exactly what people are thinking and feeling without them even saying a word.  When a disturbing event occurs at school the impact propels him on an adventure to a strange land to uncover answers that will save his mother’s life.  Eddie was never just an ordinary boy. But until he is thrust into his mother’s homeland of Andalustria, he has no idea just how magikal he is.

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Eddie and his best friend Melody dive into an enchanted world where faeries bite, trees talk, ogres block the path and Squiggins surprise them as unexpected friends appear and everyone seems 
to have magikal powers!

Suddenly, everything that made them different, even the bits they had thought weren’t so cool, are celebrated. Unearthing the importance of accepting themselves in their truest form they discover how to create balance between their feelings, thoughts and their actions.

As they re-discover their own unique gifts they discover how to travel through a turbulent world to reclaim their true birth right.

Enter a land where thoughts and emotions collaborate with magical creatures, as our characters discover the enchanted guides that show children and adults alike, how to traverse our tumultuous world with a seat belt of awareness.

Eddie’s ‘Tangible Magik’ helps overcome the challenges set before them in the magikal land of Andalustria and it can help you too. Eddie wants to share his magik with you, so when you get to the end of his first adventure you can dive into the ‘Tangible Magik’ toolkit, to help you to understand how to create more of your very own special magik…

Magik is only ever a moment of a breath away…
if you choose to let it in!

Eddie Motion and the Tangible Magik offers a guide to traverse the precipice of emotions to develop strength and courage regardless of the challenge, heightening your insight and awareness as you embrace your own magik… as you learn how!

Enjoy the ‘Tangible Magik’ as you find yourself laughing, enriched and inspired on the journey as you uncover what’s truly important as you reclaim your dreams.

Join us on this uplifting adventure to become who you’ve always wanted to be as you journey into this delightful, mystical and charmed book.

“In loving memory of my nephew Kit de Malplaquet 40% of profits from the sale of this book will be donated to raise funds to support the recovery of those grieving who have lost their child.”

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“Oh my goodness – I learnt so much for myself along the way – it is just fabulous”

“This inspirational book is a must read for young people as they enter those tricky teenage years facing issues of identity, acceptance, self – appreciation and struggle. Suzanne is teaching lessons that can support young people to remain optimistic, joyful and reflective throughout their journey.”

“As I read the book I found myself having moments of awareness that were quite humbling so I can confidently recommend this book for all ages and in particular for teachers who are required to make such narrow and at times damning judgements of young people.”

“This is a book about being human and about the tools we all need to conduct our lives with a strong sense of fulfilment and purpose. There is no other book that is as direct and confident in its messages. I want all young people to read it.”

Barbara Cavanagh, Principal

“Love the way you’ve woven the “tangible magik” through the story.  It supports the reader to see different aspects of themselves and their feelings, allowing them to see the perspective of others – adults, school mates, teachers …well done!”

G. Gordon, Business Development Manager

“The Tangible Magic section at the back is a great tool”

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